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I have a perry carb on my ST3000. I need to have an extended needle to get through the cowl of my Nosen Champ. The carb needle has a plastic filling where I would normally have added an extension. Anybody ever extend one of these? Thanks, FredD

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My Perry's, the 900 series, have a slot for a screwdriver that sticks out about an eight of an inch. I have a short piece of thick wall tubing with two set screws in it. I put a piece of wire in one end, and attach this to the rounded area around the screw slot. I got this piece of tubing from a hobby shop about 1990, and I have no idea who made it. But you can probably do it yourself with the pieces in the K&N bin at your LHS. Form your description I'm not sure we have the same style of needle valve, however.

Alternatively, on my Patriot, I put a hole in the side of the body and epoxied in a piece of outer pushrod tubing lined up with the needle. It guides the screwdriver into the slot.

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John Alt

On 2/25/2004 9:26 PM Ted shuffled out of his cave and grunted these great (and sometimes not so great) words of knowledge:

I did one extension (not an ST3000 though) as follows: Took a piece of brass tubing that just fit over the outside of the needle valve and JB Welded it in place. Then I bent my 1/16" wire and put a small 90 degree bend in the end that would go into the brass tube to keep it from turning inside the tube. Squished the brass tube with the wire and JB Weld inside it. Works great - just make sure the needle valve is CLEAN before you JB Weld the brass tube to it.

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Ted Campanelli

Thanks Ted.


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If your Perry is the same as that shown on Tower's page....

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... then the steel needle is pressed into a brass housing.

I was wondering about this same thing since I'm putting a Perry on a OS 60 Goldhead to get rid of the airbleed carb.

Here's my idea...... Get some brass tubing that is a snug fit to the boss on the Perry nv housing. Cut it ~1/8" longer than the boss length. Scrounge up a

1/16" PLATED BRASS wheel collar. I do not recall if nickle is solderable. If it is not, file off the plat>I have a perry carb on my ST3000. I need to have an extended needle to get
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David AMA40795 / KC5UH

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