Supertiger low end needle valve

Hi all, Has someone out there got a Supertiger .61 that they can check the setting of the low end needle on? I just picked up a new carb for mine (long ago crash... long boring story) and I noticed the high end was out something like 6 turns! That makes me suspicious that the low end may be off too... unfortunately the manual doesn't give a default for the low end needle. I'd like to get in the ballpark to start with to cut down the time I need to spend tuning this thing up. Thanks.


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Jack Sallade
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The manual does outline a way to set the low speed. Close the carb down, screw the needle all the way in, attach a piece of fuel tubing to the fuel nipple and blow in the other end, slowly open the low speed needle until you just hear some air being are really close at that time. Then run the engine and set for best idle by leaning or richening with maybe 1/16 of a turn increments (it doesn't take much)


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Don Hatten

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