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I just got this engine (used) but appears in good shape..It has the >slide carb on it.

> >Question: Does the low end adjustment work like all the other engines? >Like turn clockwise to lean,turn counter clockwise to richen. I've been >told by a club member that it's oppisite of other engines.Like,turn >clockwise to richen...Is this correct or what.The transition is bad and >it'll idle for a little while and die.What is the correct way to tune >this thing?? > >Anyone have an answer??? >Thanx >

Why in heck are you concerned with low end on Webra .50? Let 'er rip!

You made me curious enough to dig out a Webra from my trove. First one I came to is a .91, but it has the Dynamix carb which I think you have by the 'slide carb' note. A CCW tweak of the idle knob pulls the low end needle out from its seat,, as does opening the venturi. Appears to increase fuel flow as with most other engines, those with air-bleed carbs excepted. Method of low end adjustment I generally use to get a good starting point is to pinch the fuel line at low throttle and note if if speeds up or sags and dies. If it speeds up, it was on the rich side, if it sags and dies it was likely too lean. Iterate on this a few times with a 1/8 - 1/4 turn or so of the low end needle knob (you move the needle via a short linkage with the Dynamix) and you'll soon have it set to an optimal idle mix. Then check acceleration, as you may have to set it richer or leaner from best idle setting to get a good transition. FWIW, my Webras, all the Austrian variety vs the ones made in Germany, have seemed to like the McCoy MC-9 plugs best.


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So the slide carb I mentioned is called a Dynamix?? This is the first Webra that I've owned,so not familiar at all with em'. I can post a pix of the carb if there is a question. Does your 91 have the slide carb on it?? It's just that it runs pretty well at full throttle.But coming off of idle to anywhere is terrible. Thanx Walt

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That's right. I can't tell you how to adjust it, but I do know they provide a lot of power. Once adjusted, they are beautiful little carbs.

To continue Abel said, the Webra Speed series is made in Austria, while the others are made in Germany. The Speed is a much more powerful, much better engine, IMO. All my Webra engines like the McCoy RC 9 or 59 plugs.

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