G 60 Idle adjustment?

Hi, Does anyone know the approximate setting for the idle needle on a newer ST G 60 carb? I'm having a problem hitting the sweet spot. If I could get close I could tweak it in. Thanks in advance, Dan.

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Only one way to set a ST carb. Attach a short piece of fuel tubing to the fitting. Close the barrel to idle position. Close the idle needle. Hold the carb throat to your ear. Blow through the fuel line while slowly opening the idle needle. When you can just hear air blowing through the carb, you're within 1/4 turn either way of the right setting. Good luck with it!

Don't laugh, even ST recommends this method. Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"

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Best to do this with the engine not running..lol Andy

We can make a box of wood.....FLY!!

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Mike Gordon

put a piece of clean fuel tubing on the fuel nipple on the carb. Close the low end needle completely. Blow through the tubing and open the low end needle until you can just barely hear air coming through. That will put you within 1/8 of a turn of perfect. The low end needle is often neglected by people. It is the most critical setting on your carb! Too lean and the engine will die at transition. Too rich and it will stumble and blubber. I love Super Tigres! They run great! BUT, getting the carb right the first time can be challenging.

Good luck!

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