Kavan Electric/Magnetic Brake

Hye There,

I`m building a modelairplane, an old Snoopy 2, with a span of 106" (270cm), a fuselage length of approx. 79" (200cm) and a overall fly weight of approx. 15lbs (7kg) and a OSmax 120 - 4 stroke engine in front.

This Snoopy 2 is a taildragger with ailerons, flaps, tow hook and drop candy box.

There it`s a big modelairplane I want to built it with brakes on the main wheels (just for the fun).

I`ve found a brake from Kavan but want some info about it.

The brakes I`m looking for are: nr: HLFK 263, Electric Brake, Kavan Magnetic Brake $41.50

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The question I`ve about these brakes are:

- How strong are the brakes? can I give 3/4 or even full power and will the brakes then hold the model still?

- Is the braking force adjustable? i.a.w. can I adjusted the braking force with a adjustable resistor connected to a servo?

Greetingz and allready thanks for your help. Berto van den Bos. the Netherlands.

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