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Has anyone built anything from this company? Their prices are way too
cheap and I suspect the quality of kit and insruction equals the price.
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Ted Kennedy
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Obviously, you're not going to get a Hangar 9 type of quality ARF for the price of a NitroPlanes model, but I think they're great bargains.
I have a .40-size Ultimate biplane I bought from them a few years back. It's a carbon copy (same model?) as The World Models Ultimate 40 ARF and is a nicely-built, very nicely covered and a great flying model. (The World Models --Airborn Models-- is another bargain ARF source I like.) I also have the 140-size P-40 and had a very inexpensive ($49) trainer they sold.
The price is fantastic. The instructions are minimal. My Ultimate came with a photocopied instruction manual from The World Models Ultimate 40 ARF! The P-40 came with a single, giant sheet of diagrams; no text. You may have to do a bit of tweaking or make a mod here or there, but for an experienced builder or modeler, the NitroPlanes offerings are a real steal. Consider that the prices of KITS are more than the price of the ARFs they offer....
Also notice that some of the NitroPlanes ARFs are actually China Model Products (CMP) manufacture. Those are good quality ARFs at bargain prices. I was just talking to a member of my club who built the CMP 120-size F-6F Hellcat he bought from NitroPlanes last winter. He's a very experienced modeler who builds and flies giant scale warbirds and aerobatic airplanes. He absolutely loves it. My P-40 is a CMP ARF.
I just now ordered another ARF trainer from them. It has a bolt-on, symmetrical wing. $49. The expensive shipping builds the price up a bit, but I also needed a replacement canopy for my P-40 (NitroPlanes even sells spare parts!). The trainer is to replace the $49 trainer I bought from them several years ago and put LOTS of flights on with a Magnum .52 four-stroke in the nose. I finally cartwheeled it to destruction fooling around way too low on a very gusty day. :-) This model flew like a Hobbico Avistar, had a bolt-on instead of rubber band mounted wing, and was cheaper. I like to keep a cheap trainer in the stable for relaxing.
If you have some building and modeling experience, I think you wouldn't be disappointed one of NitroPlanes' offerings.
Good flying, desmobob
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Robert Scott
Decent to good quality ARF, poor instructions, hit or miss hardware.
On the shipping front, search online for coupons on google. Free shipping codes turn up frequently...
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