Powering TX from a wall-wart?

Hi All,
I've decided to get back into flying (been away for a couple of years)
and was going to start refreshing my skills with my simulator.
Unfortunately, during the time away, my TX battery bit it :(
Until I decide to actually power things up, I thought I'd power the TX
from a wall-wart into a converter (to get the right voltage and
amperage). The radio is an older model, but suits me just fine, it's a
Futabe 9VAP, and it plugs right into my simulator through the training
cord port.
All I want to do is open up the back cover, and hook up a power supply
to supply the voltage needed to operate the TX for my sim time.
According to the manual (don't have the actual battery in hand at the
moment), the TX requires 9.6 volt (8/500mAH) and the current drain is
Basically, anyone done something like this before? Building a small
power converter to step things down to the right voltage shouldn't be
too big a deal, just wanted some opinions...
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It should work. Be careful that you use a regulated supply though. Most wall warts suffer from very poor (if any) regulation and filtering. Also make sure you fuse your supply leads appropriately. Just in case :)
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Rob Dover
why waste 20 dollars and time for a 22 dollar battery? if you ever plan to use the tx in an a/c again you`ll need it
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Well, if he's anything like me he already has half a dozen suitable power supplies and the parts to make a regulator in his junk box so the cost would be zero.
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Definately :) It'd be nice to tell the wife "see I knew I'd need this some day" :)
I'm thinking it may be 3-6 months before I'm actually flying my planes again, so I should be able to put off the $s for a couple of months while I scrape off the rust.
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If you pull the crystal out of the tranny, current consumption will drop substantially, but I'd still get a new battery - unless you have everything to hand to make a 9.6v regulated supply.
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The Natural Philosopher

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