Re: Source for nylon bolts in the UK?

Hi all,

>I'm building an R/C hovercraft from plans, and I need to get hold of some M6 >nylon bolts, 2 inches long (there's a nice mix of units). Anyone know where >to get hold of them in the UK? I also need some M6 blind nuts (or T nuts) >to go with them. > >Thanks, > >James >

Hi james.. if you can't find them in the UK. give us the measurements(sure i can spell) of what you need and i'll mail them over to you.. Gig

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Hi Gig, Thanks for the offer - what I'm after is 6 M6 * 65mm nylon bolts - with blind nuts (otherwise known as T nuts).

I may found have a UK supplier

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but am awaiting confirmation from them that they can supply, so I will let you know if I need to take you up on your offer.

Thanks again,

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