sig sun dancer 50 complete ready to fly for sale

Hope this is the right newsgroup, But i just picked this up from a friend who has been in the rc hobby for years. it has been flown 3 times, includes, 6 channel futaba radio already installed. (only a 5 channel plane) the plane itself is a sig sun dancer 50 Bi plane. it has an o/s two stroke 50 motor and some after market muffler. I don't know much about it except that if I try and fly I will crash it. (previous experience). lol looking to get 450.00 for it it is complete jus add gas and you are ready to go. I would ship but that may be expensive. plane is located in Greenwood, Arkansas 72936 plenty of pics available. thanx for your time. l8r UFO

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On Sun, 22 Mar 2009 17:35:52 -0700 (PDT), UFO wrote in :

This is the right newsgroup.

You might also try RC Universe:

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And, of course, ebay and craigslist and the like.


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Martin X. Moleski, SJ

The purple or the orange one? I have a purple one, mk

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A few more details could be helpful to get that kind of price.

Model and age of the radio? New or used engine, and how old? Servo brands? Covering type?

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Wow, that bird is OLD considering an O.S. 50. Presumably the radio is just as ancient. You will be extremely hard pressed to get that much money for it. Not knocking your airplane at all but that airplane just won't bring that in the used R/C market. Please take this constructively. Don't want you getting frustrated.

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