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I managed to bend the crankshaft on my old .09 IV. Too hard a hit with the eclectic starter. Never do that again!! Anyway, if anyone knows where I might be able to find a replacement reasonably, I'd appreciate it. I tried Enya's website but no mention of an .09 was found.


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I'm sure if you drop a note to Altech, they can supply you with the part.

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And speaking of Enya and MRC - I sent an inquiry to MRC about the absence of any 4 stroke info on their site.

I received a reply saying that they no longer distribute 4 stroke Enyas in North Americe.

They did say that they have parts available.

Kind of sad - Enya makes really good engines. I'm guessing that it was their refusal to abandon the configuration with glow plug at the front and cam/pushrods at the back.

I see Enya 4 strokes still be>

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