3d faces to poly face

I hope someone can tell me a way to merge contigious triangular 3d faces into a 3d polyline mesh using either AutoCad, Land Desktop or Mechanical Desktop (all 2005 versions).

Additionally is is possible, and if so how,

  1. to smooth the result and
  2. convert into either a surface or solid.



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Billy Sollocks
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I think I can help you. I wrote a LISP to create the 3DSOLID, bounded by

3dfaces. Contact me via
formatting link
Regards Jochen

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How to convert a set of face entities into a polyface mesh?

  1. Export the source set of face entities to a stl file. The best way to do this is to use STL4Faces or alternativelly STL4Cad application.

  1. Convert the resulting stl face data into a polyface mesh object. The best way to do this is to use STL2PolyfaceMesh or alternativelly STL2Cad application.

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