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Hi, My name is Jim and I am studying Architectural Drafting almost finsied 2nd year... I have been using Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2002 Educational editionpurchased new from Scholastic in Gosford NSWin July2001. Recently I formatted my hard drive, loaded windows XP and on reloading Cad had to request another authoristion number as the product generated a new request code on loading and would only allow 30 days to obtain autho code. Of course despite loading in new autho number ( now three times with 3 new autho codes provided by both Autodesk and Scholastic) the program kept counting down from 30 days and has now expired and wont work. Despite Scholastic techos providing various autho codes to match new request codes generated by the program the program now will not run and of course techos at Scholastic dont know why. I am running windows XP professional on a recent pentium 4 with

512m of memory. Has anyone any suggestions as I have had no satisfaction from either Autodesk or Scholastic. Need help Jim
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Jim Williams
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Jim, This is Autodesk's problem and you need to get satisfaction from them. I suggest you call again and stay on the phone til they fix it. N

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Naomi Erlandson

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