Inventor 7 and placed parts

I am currently test driving Inventor 7 and have come across what may just be
a file version level issue.
If I download a part from a website (supplier or user generated) sometimes
when I insert it into an assembly (using place component) everything acts
normal, but no part is visible. If I right-click on the part in the browser
I do not get the "find in window" option either. Some parts work fine,
others do not. I do not use any Autodesk products now, so I can't compare
Anyone have similar issues? I am curious to know if it's my inexperience, or
a possible limitation in available pre-drawn parts due to old versions of
Inventor or Mech Desktop being used to create them.
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A Vienneau
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If you haven't already, try the Autodesk discussion group for IV7
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