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hi sentient fluid
i read your posts on Google:
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and noted that you have the same problem as i had with AutoCad taking up
more that a reasonable amount of space in Add/Remove Programs...
well, i found a solution on my machine (AutoCad 2002 SP1 on WinXP SP1). the
problem is with a dodgy icon that AutoCad references when it creates the
Add/Remove item in the registry. i fixed the reference, and woop, no more
if you still have this problem, open up regedit.exe and navigate to:
then you have to find the subkey that contains the AutoCad uninstall info.
on my machine with AutoCad 2002 SP1 installed, the subkey is:
the correct subkey should contain a "DisplayName" value of "AutoCad 2002" or
once you've located it, you need to change the "DisplayIcon" value. in my
case, the incorrect value was:
"C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2002\acad.exe,-1"
note the "-1" at the end? change this bit to "1", ie:
"C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2002\acad.exe,1"
that's it. hope that helps.
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Sentient Fluid
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( had the same problem
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