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Current version - ADT2004
The revision cloud in 2004 is different from previous versions. Earlier
releases, when revision cloud was part of Express/Bonus Tools, allowed
selection of "Options" which brought up a dialog box allowing one to choose
between normal and calligraphy style (^C^Crevcloud). 2004 has no "Options"
selection and calligraphy is not available (^C^C_revcloud). Is there a way
to get the "old way" in 2004?
Thanks all!
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George B
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HiHo; Copy "revcld*.*" to your support directory and load it from the command prompt. There are four files, 2 rev*.bmp a rev*.lsp and a rev*.dcl. Enjoy.
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I have to show my ignorance. How does one "load" from the command prompt? When I type "load" it defaults to shape fonts.
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George B
Use this format: (load"filename")
the lisp file name must be within quotes, and the whole command within parentheses. The lisp file must also be placed in a directory that is in your search path.
HTH, John
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John Henry
The plot thickens - The old style revision already exists in the 2004 express file but does not appear as a command in the Express tools dropdown list. I continue to be confused. Thanks to all for the help so far.
parentheses. The lisp file must also be placed in a directory
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George B

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