Toolbar menu's troubles

I'm trying to help a friend who's at a different company. The guy who use to
maintain their CAD (electrical) Package is gone and no one knows anything
about adding/changing symbols, etc. in their menu.
They are using a Toolbar kind of menu on the left side with icons that expand
out when mouse is over.
When I add or modify a line and recompile the menu.mnu file, the menus don't
work and the Icons are all screwed up (sigh).
They have all their source BMP icon files in a separate folder and that is in
their search path.
An example of the menu info is as follows (whatch for word wrap):
ID_G_Menu___MC_Switches_0 [_Toolbar("G-Menu - MC-Switches", _Floating, _Hide,
465, 161, 6)]
ID__0 [_Button("Switch", "switch-line_voltage.bmp",
"ICON_24_BLANK")]^C^C(hidetoolbar);(gmf-insert "switch-line_voltage" 0
"d16-lights_switch" 0 0 0 "")
Anyone know where I can get some info on the line command structure (ie: what
is the logic behind the ID_# part? Seems random to me).
Any help/info is appreciated.
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Mr. B
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What you seek can be found by going to the Help Menu>Help>Customization Guide>From here varies with release. The ID_XXX can be anything you want it to be. One use is to tie the command with the Help String. i.e.
ID_FTG [Footing Lines*FTG]^C^C(if (not c:chFOOTING)(Load "chFOOTING"));chFOOTING;
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Chip Harper
Ah... simple enough.
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Mr. B
I would recommend the book "Customizing Autocad" by Sham Tickoo - it does a good job of explaining this stuff .... I just bought a copy on for under $12
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