Alternative to borax

Im going to order alitle borax so dont worry .. it could just be fun to
know what could be used while forge welding insted of borax .. i know
borax starts reacting at very low temperatures compared to sand or
whatever and ive read that one can make sand melt at 1100 degrees C if im
not mistaking by something that exists in atleast smal streams with the
sand ... ohh .. this got a bit ****ed up but i hope you understand what i
want. ... alternatives to borax that could be found in sweden and naturaly
in the enviorment :> .. could be fun to try out :>
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Tomas Wilhelmsson
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Wood ashes? Wheat straw ashes? Rye straw ashes?
Read where the Japs used rice-straw ashes and while making the rice straw ashes added flower pedals for some weird reason. :) Make the finished sword smell good maybe? ;)
Ooooo... I know... barley straw ashes! ;)
Alvin in AZ (don't -know- nuthin about it really)
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