Firm grip, pine rosin, fluxing...

I know I am not the first to discover this, but I was so thrilled...
I hand forge a lot of copper. I forge iron / steel, as a demo smith,
also. (Red Top State Park, Ga) ...My dry hands ....I dip my hammer
handles in the slack to wet, and the kids ask "why?" Well, So I have a
good comfortable grip."
I shape my own handles to suit me, and I find that my weak point is my
comfort factor on the grip of the hammer. Dry handle/dry hands mean more
muscle grip than is necessary, and it gets old, and painful.Quickly.
Ya'll following me, here?
Long story short, I pounded some evergreen stems on the anvil, and
rubbed my palm over it.
FIRM no slip grip, rosin flux and anti rust on the anvil, copper
forged smoothly,(lubricant) as well as a bright finish. (duh factor
here, rosin flux...)
And, it smells nice.
I thought I would pass along this personal discovery of what I am sure
is an old technique..
Merry Christmas to Ya'll, And hey, Remember the Peace part.

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