Found: My 1950 Machinery's Handbook

As soon as I found it (14th edition) I rushed to compare it to my 1976-20th
edition and found, to my surprise, there was esentially no difference in the
steels and heat treating sections (with the exception of course of the newer
The section on heat treating in both is about 45 pages and is almost a
word-for-word duplication.
Could others in the group with earlier and later editions comment on this
section of their copies? I'd sure like to buy/trade for an earlier copy if
it's significantly better.
dennis in nca
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I don't have a newer one to compare to, but check at, there's a section there about it. FYI: I found my 11th edition through for $20 delivered.
-- Bill H. [my "reply to" address is real]
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