Wanted! RailRoad Spike Supplier - Brand new ones...

Does anyone happen to know where I might be able to purchase brand new
Railroad spikes?
Thanks in advance.
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John Spaketh Thusly:
Alvin! .....
(he'll know)
-- Bill H. [my "reply to" address is real]
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Molon Labe!
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WHAT! :/
For cryin out loud;) how many new spikes do you need, a whole keg?
All I know is, I don't know;) where to buy them and the railroad won't sell 'em.
If you want a whole keg start by talking to your local "roadmaster" and see what he suggests.
Alvin in AZ (retired signal ape)
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Try McMaster Carr or MSC. Both have pretty decent online cat's.
And if they deign to send you a catalog, your postie will not like you much.:-) (all twenty pounds or so, each)
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones

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