Owner's manual for Gorton tool grinder Model # 285-6

I just purchased a Gorton tool cutter-grinder Model #285-6 off of
E-Bay. I am now in need of an Owner's Manual for said machine. Does
anyone have an idea of where I could look to purchase such, or download
one? Or if anyone has one they would be willing to copy for me, I
would reimburse you for the cost of the copies and the postage.
Thanking you in advance,
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Gorton probably would sell you one.
formatting link
There isnt a whole lot to it, though, and the manual is probably just a parts breakdown. Make sure you have a good grinding wheel, with no cracks, securely attached. Put the cutter in the collet. Turn on the machine. Rotate the cutter to grind the cone shaped surface.
Thats about it for sharpening single point engraving machine cutters, which is what the machine is made for.
Anything else, you will have to evolve by trial and error anyway, as the machine was not originally intended to be an all purpose tool and cutter grinder- it was built specifically to sharpen those little single point tools, which it does very well.
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