Request for Cuttermaster Tool & Cutter Grinder Manual

I just purchased a Cuttermaster Tool & Cutter Grinder. If you have a manual for
sale or are willing to photocopy yours let me know. I will pay photocopy and
shipping costs.
Gary Repesh
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Which one ? They've made at least two over the years and the two I'm aware of both seem to have been imports as there are identical looking units.with other maker's names. Kinda like the 4x6 bandsaws
I have an Enco universal T&C grinder sold around 1981, that looks just like one of the older Cuttermaster grinders, an old Chevalier grinder, and the currently sold Gromax GT-610:
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Enco, Chevalier, & Cuttermaster were no help for manuals but Gromax sold me one for around $20-25. If you are looking for help in using it, see if John Stevenson is still selling his CD-ROM with a couple of T&C grinder manuals as it would be a lot cheaper and has the same basic use info.
I've used it for roughing lathe bits and will try it for end mill sharpening once I can get compressed air into the basement shop.
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Mike Henry
Sorry, that's the other type of Cuttermaster I remember seeing. It seems to be current though - have you tried Cuttermaster to see if they can supply a manual?
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Mike Henry
Oh - sounds like they may be out of business. The design seems to be somewhat generic so you might try searching the Internet for similar T&C grinders sold by other companies and then try to get one of them to sell you a manual. That's how I found Gromax.
Another approach would be to contact Ebay buyers or sellers of your Cuttermaster grinder and see if one of them will sell you a copy of their manual.
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Mike Henry
Sometimes the manual is older than the last area code change. You mihgt try infromation giving the address and be suprised. It has worked for me
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