Dumore 44 Tool Post Grinder

Hi All; Just purchased above grinder on EBay and having never used one I have a few questions.

  1. Is it necessary to purchase Dumore spindle oil or is there a substitute?
  2. I need the part number for a new belt, the one that came with it looks only fair.
  3. The number 1 and 2 pulleys are missing, is it possible/practical to make these? If it is then I need the pulley O.D,s it would be a great help if some one could pass on these sizes.
  4. How do you use the diamond dresser, what angle should it meet the stone at?
  5. Should the work piece rotate in the same direction as the stone or the opposite direction?

Hope to try it out in a few days.

Thanks Jack

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Jack Hayes
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Any fine low-viscosity spindle oil should work without problems.

I don't have a manual with mine -- nor am I sure that it is a #44 model. It is downstairs, and I am upstairs. But note that MSC will sell you belts for Dumore toolpost grinders -- on pretty much the same page which sells the grinders.

Do you have *any* pulleys? Mine is supplied with only two pulleys, which get interchanged for the other speed range. Both pulleys are quite obviously crowned to keep the flat belt tracking properly.

And mine needs a special shape of wrench to loosen and interchange the pulleys. I am missing the wrench, and DuMore no lnger makes the tools for whatever model I have, so I can't purchase them. I'm not sure what the shape should be. It might be a hook spanner, or it might be a semi-circle with a tongue in the center to engage the cross-slot in the pulleys hub.

If yours uses only two wheels, I can measure what I have (once I verify the model number). If it uses more than two, there is a chance that DuMore will still have them in stock.

I've also got to make a wheel guard before I put it in service, as that is also missing.

First off -- you protect every part of the lathe which you can, before grinding, or especially before dressing the stone, as that produces tons of abrasive grit which will wear the lathe far more quickly than normal.

Then -- you mount the grinder on the toolpost in the intended position and orientation (including adjusting the height above the compound so the wheel's centerline is at the same height as the spindle's centerline.

Then -- you mount the dressing diamond's holder (which I also don't have, and will thus have to make) to hold the diamond right on the centerline between the wheel's center and the lathe spindle's center. It helps the life of the dressing diamond to have it angled into the stone a bit, and to rotate it each time you use it to present a fresh point. The angle should face into the stone's travel.

The workpiece should rotate such that at the contact surface, the wheel is traveling in the opposite direction from the workpiece so the speeds add.

So for an outside grinding setup, they would rotate in the same direction, but for inside grinding, you will have to reverse the spindle to maintain the same difference in travel direction.

For inside grinding, I will also have to make the collet to hold the mounted stones for ID grinding.

Remember -- protect *everything* -- and clean and re-lube after you have used it.

Good Luck, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

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