Pulley Diameters Dumore Model 44 Grinder

Hi All; Just purchased the above on EBay, it was complete except for the number 1 and 2 pulleys. Fortunately these are the two smallest diameter ones, I am hoping balance on these smaller units will not be a big problem. What I need is the O.D. dimensions for these, any help will be much appreciated.


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Jack Hayes
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A toolpost grinder is a *high speed precision* tool. Any out of balance condition, however small, will show up big time. The reason why Dumore parts are so damned expensive is a seriously retentive approach to quality control. You will only *ever* be buying one of each so I think the proper thing to do is bite the bullet and go OEM. Just my opinion. Ken.

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Ken Davey

you need a good machined pully and then balance the whole thing on the shaft. Find someone with an IRD balancing unit that knows what hes doing and drill a couple of holed in it to balance it out. He will tell you where


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