Robo laser torpedo level flaw

I just bought the Porter-Cable laser torpedo level Model "RT-3610-3 Robo Square". Haven't had the chance to use it yet, but a rather critical drawback I see is the on-off switch design. It is a rotary spring loaded device and one pulls on the disk like knob and rotates

1/4 turn to turn it off and another quarter turn to turn it on. The default position it wants to go to is "on" It take very little effort for the switch to rotate to the on position and the level could get turned on in a tool box, or what ever and run down the batteries by the next use. Abominably design. Before purchasing this otherwise impressive device (yes I bought it knowing this, but am counting on the fix) I read a news group posting from a man that altered the switch with Dremel tool that somehow created a "Knotch ?" that the switch rested in during the off mode, but cannot find that posting now that I need it. Has anybody and info on this? Would be most grateful for input.
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