O-1 hardness and sharpening

I recently made a blade for a spokeshave out of O-1 steel. I hardened
it and tempered to strawyellow (about 450 degrees) in a conventional
oven. This blade is extremely tough to sharpen because it is so hard.
It takes a lot of work just to raise a burr. Should I re-temper to
some other color?
Also, this is the second time I have hardened and temperd the blade.
On the first attempt, I left the oven on 450 degrees for about two
hours and upon taking the blade out, it was unevenly colored brownish
yellow, with some spots being blue. I rehardened and tempered again
using a thermocouple so I could monitor the temperature of the oven (I
think my oven is miscalibrated).
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Jonathan Ward
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Diamond impregnated hone. Hard? Not for this 'rock'. Think O-1 is hard? Try 52100 bearing steel. It laughs at aluminum oxide. Get an edge up and you can whittle a file like balsa wood.
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Charly the Bastard
Look on the bright side, difficulty in sharpening usually indicates good edge retention - once you *do* get a good edge, it should last a long time!
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Lee Cordochorea
Except for titanium !
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Andy Dingley

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