Ball Screws in Bridgeport mill?

I went to an auction recently and picked up a set of screws that turned out to be ball screws for a 9x42 Bridgeport.

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I am a little surprised about it, as, I thought, ball screws could only be used in CNC mills whose screws were held by stepper motors.

So, do they have use in a manual mill and are they in any way better than regular drive screws? Or are they for CNC conversion only?

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The ball screws will work great on your machine. You should install them right away.

The ball screws will give you better turning power, and faster manual rapid moves. You can achieve better finishes and better accuracy. Your finished tolerances will improve. Your tooling will last longer, it will actually get sharper, the more it's used.

You stand to save considerable operating energy costs, while reducing the motor temperature, thus extending it's life. You'll save money on machine lubricants.

You will increase the value of your mill to the highest market value, even if the machine isn't in very good condition. Once installed, the ball screws will never wear out.

Install them right away, it's simple to do, and you won't feel compelled to ask more questions about doing it. You'll be amazed at how simple it is.

Most of all, installing the ball screws will give you something better to do than post messages about some has-been weather girl from Alaska. Or her daughter, or grandchild, or neighbors, or boyfriend's mom, or her lawn, or her clothes, or her vaginal dryness, or her limousine driver, housekeepers, paper boy, pizza delivery, cable guy, pedicure girl, house painter, pet problems

But if you need advise on what color to paint the mill or your worktable, everyone will be glad to help with those more advanced tough issues.

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Wow Bill, You're really being hard on the guy. This isn't ALT.HVAC you know. Iggy does do metalworking. If you want to rant, rant about CLIFF. He's driving me crazy. Steve

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Steve Lusardi

It's funny you would make that association, Steve, because Cliff just posted the same trash about the boyfriend's mom news story.

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Bill, I didn't say you were wrong, just unduly harsh on someone that at least cuts metal. Of course it bothers me greatly to see off topic trash by anyone, but it is especially iritating by someone that doesn't know the business end of a screwdriver. This has been one of the most successful NGs in the history of USENET generally because it is policed relatively well by all. However lately, contributers like Cliff are ignoring the rules and frankly ruining this NG. These people are just off-topic trolls and should be ignored in the hope they will go away. I had hoped that with the end of the election, he would just fade away. Unfortunately, it hasn't happened. What are doing reading his diatribe anyway?


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Steve Lusardi

Not to hijack your message or anything, but I wanted to say that I received that MT5 reamer and started cleaning up the spindle bore.

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