Solidcam GPP mod for old Hurco

I've got an old KMB1 Hurco and I'd like to tweak the solidcam gpp post for helical arcs. For plain arcs in the XY plane, the Hurco wants a block like: N55 G2 X1.4792 Y1.375 I1.4006 J1.375, for this the existing post works fine. Unfortunatly, for helical arcs in the XY plane, the old bugger wants a incremental, signed "K" term for Z or slope per 360deg of arc, ie. X___Y___Z___I___J___K___F___ or as follows:

N55 G2 X1.2713 Y0.755 Z-0.25 I1.2713 J1.375 K-0.25 F100.

For, the ZX plane, it needs X___Y___Z___I___K___J,___F___ and for the YZ plane it needs X___Y___Z___J___K___I ___F___ This is kinda beyond my meager experience with gpp. If I manually code with a K value in XY plane, the Hurco seems to do the helical move just fine, so I just need a way to make the code generation conditional on Solidcam calling for a plain arc, or a helical move. My present arc gpp is the following:

@arc ;-- arc plane --

if arc_direction eq CCW then gcode = 3 else ; CW gcode = 2 endif ; if change(gcode) then call @gen_nb if print_gcode eq true {'G'gcode} endif {[' X'xpos] [' Y'ypos] [' Z'zpos]}

if arc_plane eq XY then {' I'xcenter:xpos_f, ' J'ycenter:ypos_f} endif if arc_plane eq ZX then {' K'xcenter:xpos_f, ' I'ycenter:ypos_f} endif if arc_plane eq YZ then {' J'xcenter:xpos_f, ' K'ycenter:ypos_f} endif if only_xyz eq false {[' F'feed]} endif endp

Any ideas? Thanks

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