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Hi, The TR20.00.01-2001 (with new data sheets) has been available since 2004. Has any end user / engineering consultant replaced the old (1981) ISA S20 format instrument data sheets with the new TR20 (2004) format instrument data sheets? The main difference between the original ISA S20 (1981) version and the latest version (2004) is that the process data / operating parameters is now specified as a separate sheet. It means that each instrument data sheet now has multiple sheets (X of Y). Thanks and regards, Raj Sreenevasan

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Raj Sreenevasan
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The problem with these standard spec sheets is that they try to cover all possible variations of every type of instrument, making them difficult to read sometimes.

Whilst I can't speak for others, but we prefer to use our own datasheets which are cut-down one-page versions of the S20 ones with only the

*relevant* data included...


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Cameron Dorrough

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