re metal


its very smooth very shiney and heavy

it seems more bright than stainless

i know this hasnt narrowed it down at all

is there any tests i could do to help identify


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  1. Spark it on a grinding wheel nd note the color, shape and qty of sparks.
  2. Touch it to a magnet.
  3. Touch it with a file.

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Tom Gardner

You can get a few more clues by finding out if it is magnetic, measure its specific gravity, see what kind of sparks it generates when pressed against a grinding wheel. These are all pretty easy to do.


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Dan Caster

And remember that the magnet test is not a yes or no regarding sst.


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Here's a really nice mystery metal Identification tree:

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Just follow the steps as outlined.

Its part a a good FAQ on welding.


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Karl Townsend

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