working with thick lead sheet, helpful advice needed

I am in the process of trying to make a 12"x12" leaded box composed of two
1/8" lead sheets, each 12"x48". The problem I'm having is trying to work
with the sheets. I already had the dimensions of the box and was trying to
bend each part of the sheet in place, but this has proven extremely
difficult. Lead is a lot more inflexible at this thickness than I thought
it would be. Any advice? One option I've been trying to think of is a form
that I could wrap and bang the lead around, but the form would have to be
pretty dense I would think. Looking for the simplest solution here as I'm
already stuck with the sheets and cannot return them (I would naturally have
chosen 1/32" thickness and built up layers if I knew the difficulty I was
going to have).
Thanks in advance,
J. Dobbins
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Jason Dobbins
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Is is 100% lead or is it a composite mixed with tin or another metal? You could try indirect heat from a propane torch to soften it up some prior to bending (or while bending), or cut each side to size and lead soldier the edges.
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Rhon Wite
Sheet Metal Brake - or box break
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