1.2A appliance on 2A ?

First of all, sorry for my English (not my mother tongue) but I do hope
it's understandable.
I've just bought a Bluetooth GPS receiver and it has the same type of
plug as my Pocket PC. The two devices have pretty much the same AC
adapter : the output is the same (5V) but the amperage differs (1.2A for
the GPS and 2A for the PPC).
I was wondering whether I could plug the AC adapter of the PPC (2A) into
my GPS receiver (1.2A) without risk.
Thanks for your reply, sorry for the rather basic/stupid question and
for the average English.
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The centre pin on the connector may be positive on one supply but negative on the other. You need to check this.
Otherwise, there is always risk when using a supply on a load for which it wasn't designed.
I would measure the voltages just to be sure - I don't trust labels. But, provided that you check the centre pin polarity, as above, you should be ok.
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OK thank you very much !
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