3 phase alternator

is there any thumb formula for calculating the snync:alternator
parameters such as its inertia, damping factor etc from its
MVA,frequency and voltage ratings? i want to simulate a power network
on matlab but the problem is that my alternator rating doesnot match
with the preset models provided in matlab... i want to know about the
parameters of 200MVA 18KV(PHASE to PHASE) and 50Hz 2pole alternator???
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If you don't have a specific machine in mind, and therefore don't have that machine's parameters, you can assume that the parameters expressed on the per-unit base of the machine are (nearly) the same for any similar machine. That is, the parameter expressed in per-unit on the machine base has nearly the same per-unit value across a wide MVA range of similar machines.
Edward Kimbark's book on synchronous machines has a table in the first 100 pages that gives typical values. In my old paperback (Dover edition) copy, it's table 2 on page 40. It gives high, low and average values for 4 types of synchronous machines (solid rotor, waterwheel, synchronous condenser, synchronous motor).
If you're doing a study of a specific system, talk to the machine vender. Using average values for the study of a specific system is worse than no study at all... you may as well use an average answer and avoid the trouble of doing the study.
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Fred Lotte
Will Matlab be even close to the capability required to handle the transient model of even a single alternator, much less one tied to a system with other machines?
Consider the number of non-linear simultaneous DEQ's to properly simulate a single machine with field and governor control dynamics, let alone the system load flow equations which are also non-linear even in steady state. Normally, highly developed and dedicated programs are used for such analysis. As to parameters. Fred has good advice.
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Don Kelly

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