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Can someone help me with the the analitical calculation of the electric field of an offsetted concentric sphere. The inner electrode has a radius of 9.5mm and the radius of the outer electrode is 64mm. The offset of the inner electrode is 44.5 mm from the centre, so that the distance of the inner electrode towards the outer electrode is 10mm. The outer electrode is at ground potential (0 Volt) the inner electrode is at 100 kVolt.

Can anyone help me with this problem?


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I think that it is actually 11 mm

You do not mention the permittivity of the medium between the spheres.

How is the inner sphere supported ?

How do you get the 100 kV charge onto the inner sphere and measure it ?


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John Rye

This sure sounds like a homework problem to me. It is a little surprising to see someone, at what appears to be the graduate level, asking for help on such a problem.

I usually do not succumb to such entreaties. This time, however, I will give a hint. William R. Smythe.


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Whatever happened to "Bushbadee" that always posted here with a goddamned "B" in front of all his posts?

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I do not want to know.

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