Brand New Book - Practical Grounding, Bonding, Shielding and Surge Protection

Practical Grounding, Bonding, Shielding and Surge Protection by G.
Vijayaraghavan, Mark Brown and Malcolm Barnes is a practical
engineer's guide to the areas of grounding, shielding and surge
This book will allow you to gain practical skills and know-how in
grounding, bonding, lightning & surge protection. Few topics generate
as much controversy and argument as that of grounding and the
associated topics of surge protection, shielding and lightning
protection of electrical and electronic systems. Poor grounding
practice can be the cause of continual and intermittent
difficult-to-diagnose problems in a facility. This book looks at these
issues from a fresh yet practical perspective and enables you to
reduce expensive downtime on your plant and equipment to a minimum by
correct application of these principles.
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