I need some help with cables and what everything means. Like is RW-90 specific to teck cable. How are BX cables rated - like what does AC-90. What size gournding conductor comes in a two #10conductor bx cable.


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BX is really an obsolete brand name. Usually that refers to AC cable but it might also be MC cable or even conductors in flexible metalic conduit by people who don't know better.

Conductors rated at 90c (temperature)

There is none in AC cable, the ground path is the armor and a bonding strip.

Old style MC cable would have a 10ga insulated ground but the new MC has an aluminum bonding wire larger than the conductors that is in contact with the armor This does not get extended into the box. The bonding is through the connector like AC.

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Now, if I were sitting at a computer connected to the Internet, I'd be Googling for manufactdurer's catalogs - look at the Alcan web site, BICC, and distributors like Anxiter and Texcan. I certainly wouldn't put such a general inquiry on a newsgroup. When I was learning this stuff I had to fill in reader service cards in magazines and wait for the mail to come in - the Internet generation can find out *anything* in


There are also tons of training materials out there by the various branches of the US Government - Navy manuals, Rural Electrification, Department of Energy, and so on - there's a ton of fundamental literature out there free for the downloading.

Sadly, current technology does not allow you to directly download .PDF files into your still have to read and understand.


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that will come after the i-pod implants

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