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The "manufacturer" may not necessarily be the organization that makes, builds, or
assembles the product. The manufacturer may also be the organization that
designs the
product. The manufacturer may be the organization that sells the product on the
market. The manufacturer may be the company who maintains or services the
product. The
manufacturer may be the company who wishes they thought of that product first.
manufacturer may also be a company who is thinking about making that product,
but hasn't
really gathered the money to actually build one. The manufacturer might also be
who bought the product and then went and broke the product and then fixed it
leading to the term "re-manufactured". The manufacturer could be a company who
the product and had it in their mailroom before sending it to another
especially if the company re-packaged the product or used a different mail
carrier than
the first manufacturer. In short, he's a manufacturer, she's a manufacturer,
we're a
manufacturer, they're a manufacturer, wouldn't you like to be a manufacturer,
This message brought to you by the European Commission, also known as the
Commission for
the Redefinition of All Phrases (CRAP).
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