Conduit fill question

I have a question for the experienced electricians in the group. I need to
run a #4-3 type SER cable through an underground conduit. I can find
tables in the NEC that cover conduit fill limits for single conductors, but
not for cabled conductors. Is the cable considered a single wire for this
purpose or 4 wires? Thanks
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Tom Lager
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Per note 9 NEC 2002 Chpt 9 Tables, multiconductor cables are to treated as single conductor cable. Do get the correct cross section area from manufacturer specs.
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The cross section is the diameter, based on the widest dimension. If it gets twisted that will be the swept area when you pull it in.
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There is a table in the back of the book for cross sectional area. Find out what it is for one wire, multiply by 4, then check the other table for 40% fill area.
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MLR (newsreader) wrote in :
I thought that was correct, just wanted a second opinion. Per Mfr. diameter is .77" so I can use 3" conduit to meet 40% fill maximum. Thanks to all who responded.
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Tom Lager
Well .77 is way too high for #4 wire.
You are looking for area in SQ INCHES from table 5A sect 70-887 if it is aluminum. For copper it is in table 5 sect 70-884.
Copper = .0824 Aluminum = .0881
.0881 X 4 conductors = .3524
According to table 4, sect 70-882, you can use an 1-1/4" Conduit.
AEC Electric & Controls Michael R
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I think cross section is by area, not diameter. Therfore: ((.77^2)/(.4))^1/2 = 1.217. So, 1-1/4 inch conduit should be OK.
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Bob Eld
I chuckle every time I hear the question....How many #12s can you put in a half inch pipe. Someone asks.......What's the record?
I know you wanted a serious answer. Sorry I don't have one. :)
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