DC Injection Braking system

Dear all.
please help me to prepare a simple DC injection system for Three Phase
415 volts 50 Hz induction Motor of 3.7 kw .5.00 Hp.1400 rpm. what i
need to get helped that,
what should be the circuit diagram?
should be compact to accomodate in a box of size 150x150 x75 mm.
no transformer to be used to step down the voltage, (in case of
stepdown is required )
the components used in this circuit should be availabe in india .
If u need any other information please feel free write to me.
thanks &regards.
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There are competent engineers in India. Hire one.
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Don Kelly
Or buy one of the 30 or so brands of existing DC injection brakes already on the market.
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Bob Ferapples

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