DC motor

Hello, I have recently built DC motor which suppose to run at Minimum
5000 RPM under 10 Foot-LBS torque when 27 VDC applied per
specification. But my motor run at 4800 RPM.
I need to know what factors could cause the RPM to drop?
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Is your motor running a load at the stated RPM?
A freewheeling motor, i.e. no load can turn faster.
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Do you know your mechanical load is actually 10 foot-pounds @ 5000rpm?
Do you know there is actually 27Vdc at the machine terminals _when running_? Is the voltage from a clean source?
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operator jay
On 5/11/06 12:16 PM, in article snipped-for-privacy@i40g2000cwc.googlegroups.com, "Mike" wrote:
You have not supplied much detailed information necessary to get a good answer. Your best bet is to hire an electrician experienced with a dc motor or a PE EE. One guess is that your field current is too high.
Measure current in the armature. That should give a decent idea of what the torque is.
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