DC power meter suitable for a data logger?

I'm installing a multi-part solar PV system to do a head-to-head test
of three different panels. I'll gang the panels into an AC inverter
that I already have, and drive a test load of four 100 watt light
bulbs. My installer wants to grid-tie and pay for the data collection
at least, but I haven't made my way through the maze of local regs
Since the power is being ganged parallel into the inverter I'm going
to need to log upstream on the DC side. I'll likely end up with the 4-
channel HOBO (U12) as the basic collection system, but they don't sell
a DC power meter.
Can anyone suggest a DC power metering solution with a suitable
output? The U12 supports "any third-party sensor with 4-20mA or 0 to
2.5 volt DC output".
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Maury Markowitz
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Maury Markowitz pretended :
This isn't something that I have ever come across, but I would assume you could build a voltage divider to reduce the voltage input to the logger.
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log the current only on each panel plus one channel of voltage.... then apply I x E = P for any given point if needed.
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Tim Perry

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