diasy-chain surge protector with NON-surge protecting strip....consequences?


I read that it is bad to daisy chain surge protectors - what about plugging a surge protector (not a strip type, just a socket "cube") into a NON-surge protected strip? Is that also a bad idea and if so can someone actually explain why - does it negate the surge protection/ cause damage?

I have a normal cheap power strip and a small surge protected power cube - I wondered if the cube would still help with surges even if not directly plugged into the wall socket....


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Can you post a reference to what you are talking about?

Sure, you can do that. Plugging it in that way doesn't create a problem, but you might want to re-think using one of those cheap cubes.

The cheap cube may be a bad idea. Forget surges - some of them look like fragile pieces of junk.

It doesn't matter if it is plugged into the wall receptacle or into a power strip, it will behave the same.

You may have an underlying assumption that one of those cheap cubes offers a lot of protection against surges. Perhaps against some surges they offer some protection - it migh even be sufficient to prevent damage - but to think you are well protected with one of them would be a mistake.


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