Do electricians work hard?

is this a very demanding job?

Union electrians:

is it almost always 9 -5 type of work or can electricians knock off early if the work has been done or you've completed as much as you can. Is there usually a time clock? hate that.

what are benefits like in the IBEW local 48 in Portland, OR

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well i can't speak for Local 48 in Portland, but i would say Being Union is less demanding than working non-union. I'm assuming you mean construction work. My past experiances with Union contractors is there not much different than non-union in they want to install the job as fast as they can and get as much done as possible. On big jobs you will have Formen that are Union guys such as yourself stepped up from the work crew. in my past experiance they look out for the crew as much as possible but they still have a job to do for the contractor. On small jobs such as working for local shops it's more demanding in that some guys try to impress the local contractor more so they won't get laid off. On big jobs everyone knows they will eventually get laid off so it's not that big of a deal.

But from past experiance on Union Jobs you still have to work hard but i'd say it's not as demanding as non-union. Plus you'll get better benifits than most all non-union jobs pay. Being Union pays better wages,insurance,retirement,and some locals pay vacations and annuities as well. When i worked Union Construction i never punched a time clock. Once i got on a local plant the is Union ,I am not punching that time clock.

Call up the local Business Agent in Portland they can fill you in on wages,benifits, and any questions you may have.

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Donny Nelms

I worked for IBEW Local 363 out of New York. It was a great union and a damn good local. Hours are usually steady from 7am-3pm, depending on the project needs. Among the jobs I had I worked renovating schools and the hours were different because school was in session. The training and benefits you get in my humble opinion are unparalled in the industry. Yes, union electricians do work hard. There are times you work harder than others. It all balances out in the end if your worth your salt.

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We have non union electricians who work piece work here. They work harder than the union would allow but some make over $100,000 a year. (that's a lot in Fla)

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Piece work is contracting. I think the origianl post was about electricians not electrical contractors.

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Mr. Smith

I met and worked with some good brothers on the IBM building 323 job a few years back. I was treated very well by local 363, and hope to make back someday when work picks back up.

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