electrical maths question

Can someone help me to solve below question:
an active filter circuit has a frequency response function of G(jW)=K/I+jW
when a signal V(jW) = 3 sin (2t+ pi/4) is applied to the input of the filter.
The resulting fain is 2 x root5. calculate the steady state
i) value of K
ii)output voltage
iii)phase angle between the input and output
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Now is the time to come back from the Student's bar; to trash and burn all the wacky backy; to sit down at your desks and with your books and start reading! It's never too late!
I'd be happy to answer any questions that you have arising from such a commitment from you, but don't ask me to do your homework for you!
PS. "fain"? Vot iss das?
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Airy R. Bean
_cut crap_
You're always a really so helpful. As you admit, a slow learner...
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Airy R Swipe
Not to be a prick but any reasonable text book covering DSP or even an engineering maths book would be able to give you some good guidance. Also the question asks about steadt state,some maybe use the steady state response equations!! Most of my text books that I have helped me through my signal processing units at uni, and I didnt even major in that area. So just get the text book and you will be fine, its not too difficult.
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"Airy R. Bean"
You're going to criticize his spelling, and then spell two out of three words incorrectly?
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Anthony Fremont
Well, he missed one, to bad. Art.
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