Frequency problem:

I've got an op-amp which subjects two seperate signals simultaneously.
The unfortunate thing is that both signals have similar frequency
bands so a simple band-pass circuit will not suffice in seperating
them after the amplification.
I've built a simple oscillator with the hope of "adding" this
constant(ish) frequency, to the frequency of one of the original
signals, thereby providing enough difference in the frequency spectrum
for me to run a band-pass filter after the op-amp process.
So how can i "Add" one frequency to the other? does this even make
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clarification is needed as to what kind of signals you have and what you want to do with them.
are they audio frequency or RF? sine waves, square or other?
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On 3/30/07 12:36 AM, in article, "MacRae" wrote:
I hope that English is not your first language because your question is very confusing. However, I am willing to admit that your English is better than any second language of mine.
To the extent that I understand what you want, there are many ways to shift frequency. In essence, you want a single side-band modulator.
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Salmon Egg
I *think* what your asking is how do you frequency modulate the 'fixed' frequency signal. If the 'fixed' signal's frequency is high enough compared to the varying one, look up 'FM' circuits in any text or on-line.
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