Fridge/Freezer fault, warm beer Argh!!!!!


The fridge part of my parents Hotpoint fridge freezer has packed up (model no. 8590).


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My Dad asked me if I could test the fridge thermostat, simple I thought!

But when I got access to it I couldn't fathom it out. The freezer thermostat was as I expected with a calpillary tube and electrical conections. But the fridge stat just below it was operated by a long plastic rod, and although it had a calpillary tube I couldn't see and electrical conections. I couldn't understand it? How does it tell the compressor when to turn on and off?

Some pointers or advice in diagnosing the problem would be greatly appreciated.

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It sounds like a single compressor unit, so the 'stats will be split between the two compartments, but still control the one compressor.

Make sure that the drainage system under the cooling panel in the fridge box is clear and clean. It is like a rainwater gutter on the side of a roof. It should have a drain off hole in the middle.

Make sure that the 'stat setting knob in the fridge box hasn't been nudged to a higher setting. If the fridge is full of goodies, then make sure that nothing hot has been placed under other bits and pieces, and that the cooling panel isn't being blocked by anything, or even has paper stuck to it.

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I will do, I'm going back round there Boxing Day.

Anyone else got any suggestions?

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box is clear and clean. It is

hole in the middle.

to a higher setting. If the

under other bits and pieces,

paper stuck to it.

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The frost-free units have a single cooling coil between the refrigieration and freezing compartments. A fan, or fans, blows cold air around as needed. The usual arrangement on the older units was a thermostat for one compartment, and a damper or louver to regulate air flow to the other compartment. If the refrigration compartment is too warm, then something must be blocking the cold air from getting to it. Can you hear the fan running? Is air coming out of the vents?

It could have an ice buildup that is blocking the air passage. These things typically have a big radiant heater that periodically defrosts the cooling coils, and very small heaters that prevent condensation on some of the partitions between the compartments. If these heaters fail, it can cause condensation to form, and eventually freeze, blocking the air flow. It is also possible the mechanical thermostat has failed or has become jammed. There is most likely a louver or damper in the compartment with the cooling coils connected to the long plastic rod you mention.


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Jon Elson

Your spot on with your advice Jon. Although I haven't been back round there yet I've been giving it some thought. You're right about the paddle on the fridge stat, and I remember now seeing the vent (obviously from the freezer compartment) that it must cover and uncover. I'd left the vent uncovered yesterday because I never put the stat back. I know no cold air was coming through it. Tomorrow (as you advise) I will check that the air passage between the fridge and freezer is clear and whether the circulating fan is working.

Thanks again for that, I'll give you feedback when I've had another look at it tomorrow.

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