Generator Grid Synchronization - Possible or Not Possible

I have been learning about generator grid synchronization. I thought
I was making progress until I heard that there are some instances when
it is not possible to synchronize a generator to the grid. I was
wondering under what conditions that it is possible or not possible to
synchronize a generator to the grid? Does it depend on the generator
- synchronous or induction? Does it depend on the load, power,
voltage difference between the generator and the grid?
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Yes, it depends on all these things!!! The generator must be synchronized with the grid. actually, the grid will impose the generator speed (3000 or 3600 rpm) but in addition, the turbine that is driving the generator must provide enough power such that the generator send current into the grid; if not, the grid will try to send power to the generator (converting it into a motor) and that will activate all kind of safety measures to disconnect the generator!!!
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Thanks for the information. I was thinking along similar lines but I heard that sometimes it depends on the generators/machines. There are some generators or machines that cannot be synchronized. Is this true? if yes, I was wondering what kind of machines or generators cannot be synchronized?
Thanks, LS
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