Getting started with electricity and the likes.

I have a background in Computer Science and I love math, but I'm
having trouble locating resources on getting familiar with electrical
engineering, electricity and circuit design.
My interest was sparked by thinking of designing a CV (Control
Voltage) device for my synthesizer, but I'll probably need to start
off with something simpler first.
I'm finally starting to have more of an understanding of coulombs,
amperes and voltage, but would just like as many good resources
(ideally free and online) that will help me get on my way to creating
practical devices.
Thanks so much folks!
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The same question asked at News for Nerds a few months back:
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?sid=08/05/06/2333256+Lessons-*-*-Circuits+Practical-*-*-Inventors+Art.of.Electronics+rudimentary+Misconceptions.About-Electricity+owners+Navy-electronics-*+vocational-*+Jim.Williams+inc+analyze.circuits+*-*-*-Mims-*+AoE+awards+electricity.misconceptions+copyrights+Navy-*-%26-*-Training-Series#23323576 e.g. Hands-on without straying too far away from your roots:
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Thanks, already seems like great resources at a first glance.
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Dan Schuman
In article , dschu1 wrote:
I would recommend starting with the Radio Amateur's Handbook from ARRL.
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Salmon Egg
I read that when I was a kid - and its still good.
Another is "The art of electronics" by Horowitz & Hill.
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We are still waiting for the new edition. I wonder where Win is these days? I haven't seen him on line in a long time.
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Michael A. Terrell

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