Heating cable/wire for home brew

I want to insulate my mash tun which is a picnic cool box, I want to remove
the polystyrene lagging and wrap cable around the inner housing (something
like soil warming cable??) and put a stat on it to keep it at 65 celsius.
Will soil warming cable go to 65? If not, what will?
Thanks for your help
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Some heating cables cuts off at 155 degrees F. However, the cable manufacturer's specifications would give the correct temperature. You probably would better using a three 40 watt appliance light bulbs located at 120 degrees of each other and a line voltage thermostat set at 65 degrees. Heating cable runs about $4 a foot and does not have an independent temperature control.
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Mr. Smith
Lamps for heaters?
Locate some heating cable that "shuts off" at a reasonable temperature. (It uses a PTC material for the heating element. No thermostat, no overheating, and an VERY long life (especially as compared to a lamp).
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John Gilmer

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