Job outlook...i have a decision to make

We have often heard that people who are good survive at all times. Unfortunately I am a mediocre. I am Arun from india. I will be completing my masters in EE by May 2007. I wish to know if there is a place for me in the future as an electrical engineer or is it time I made a move to other related professions like IT. I restate the fact that I am mediocre in academics and definitely not looking for academic professions.

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Try American Astronaught.

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The Real Chris

good at what?

think about it... 50% of the worlds population is below average

I am Arun from india. I will be


I wish to know if there is a

its not like electricity is going to go away... but computers might be replaced with some more advanced self programming cybernetic gizmo.

I restate the fact

but you have been getting a large proportion of you input from academic types who have little or no concept of conditions outside the university campus. see if you collage can arrange tours of various industries like automotive, telecommunications, power generation, electric motor design, controls, heating and cooling, battery manufacture, broadcasting, and so on.

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Try an amatuer built hydrogen fusion reactor in your back garden, it will only cost $50 if it don't work chuck it away if it does try selling it in the village market for about $100 and use the cash to make two more, in about five years you might be the richest villager in the world unless they lobotomise you first!


Look at

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never ever tell your doctor as he will say "you are mad" and cut your brain in half. The doctor's head's gone wrong! Cut it off!


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